Cordless Bug Zapper Outdoor & Fly Zapper Indoor & Wireless Mosquito Zapper Portable Camping Bug Zapper Fly Trap 2500mAh Electric Ideal for Traps (Black)

Hogius Bug Zapper Reviews Summary

Ratings Breakdown

Rated 4.2 by 840 people

Pros from Reviews

  • Convenient USB charging
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Effective bug attraction
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • User-friendly functionality
  • Eco-friendly LED technology
  • Versatile bug-fighting companion
  • Durable construction

Cons from Reviews

  • Mosquitoes still prefer humans
  • Lack of instructions
  • Not powerful for larger flies
  • Limited effectiveness in daylight
  • Uncertain impact on small mosquitoes
  • Limited bug capture
  • Shorter battery life compared to plug-in style
  • Doesn't eliminate all flying bugs

Notable Features

2500mAh Battery
Day & Night Sensor
Warm & Purple Light
16 Blue-violet LEDs
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