The Unsupervised Learning Workshop Reviews Summary

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The Unsupervised Learning Workshop: Get started with unsupervised learning algorithms and simplify your unorganized data to help make future predictions

Ratings Breakdown

Rated 4.2 by 12 people

Pros from Reviews

  • Well-written and self-explained
  • Solid introduction to unsupervised learning
  • Good examples and robust code
  • Structure for learning
  • Etiquette and attractive writing
  • Jupyter style code and output
  • Visualization helps understand algorithms statistically
  • Practical solutions for beginners

Cons from Reviews

  • Depth of content
  • Treatment of theory is hand-wavey
  • Redundant code examples
  • Incomplete code examples
  • Lengthy book
  • Lack of information about training and optimization
  • Beginners may need to learn coding
  • Less information about parameters
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