Allulose Sweetener, 3 Pounds (48 Ounces), Zero Calorie, Plant Based Sugar Alternative, No After Taste, Best for Coffee, Drinks, Tea, Cooking and Baking, Keto Diet and Vegan Friendly

Micro Ingredients Allulose Sweetener Reviews Summary

Ratings Breakdown

Rated 4.4 by 2,554 people

Pros from Reviews

  • Natural sweeteners
  • No impact on blood sugar
  • Light brown sugar alternative
  • No yucky aftertaste
  • Convenient measuring scoop
  • Similar to sugar flavor
  • Doesn't raise blood glucose
  • No weird aftertaste
  • Great value for money
  • Best sugar alternative
  • Great for baking

Cons from Reviews

  • More expensive than sugar
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Not as sweet as other sweeteners
  • Not granulated as shown
  • Not sweet enough for coffee
  • Fine powder instead of granules
  • Doesn't crisp up in cookies
  • Expensive compared to Stevia

Notable Features

Zero Calorie
Plant Based
No After Taste
Keto Diet
Vegan Friendly
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