by Stephen R. Covey (Author) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Reviews Summary

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Ratings Breakdown

Rated 4.7 by 9,401 people

Pros from Reviews

  • Practical strategies for personal change
  • Encourages self-awareness and self-improvement
  • Provides a framework for goal-setting
  • Emphasizes the importance of proactive attitude
  • Offers valuable insights and reflections
  • Promotes effective communication and listening skills
  • Encourages collaboration and win-win solutions
  • Highlights the importance of personal renewal

Cons from Reviews

  • Author's lack of business experience
  • Questionable relevance of family mission statement
  • Excessive length and unnecessary content
  • Misleading example in Habit 1
  • Limited applicability of win-win principle
  • Lack of success in author's own business
  • Inconsistency with the number of habits
  • Disappointing experiences with consulted presidents

Notable Features

Powerful Lessons
Personal Change
25th Anniversary Edition
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