The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great

Steven Pressfield The Virtues of War Reviews Summary

Ratings Breakdown

Rated 4.6 by 1,280 people

Pros from Reviews

  • Engaging perspective on Alexander
  • Deep understanding of warfare
  • Realistic portrayal of battles
  • Emphasis on virtue and leadership
  • Brings history to life
  • Must-read for military history enthusiasts
  • Insightful examination of human nature
  • Excellent portrayal of Alexander's thought process

Cons from Reviews

  • Lack of acknowledgement of Alexander's homosexuality
  • Disappointing ending
  • No denouement or suspense
  • Limited focus on hand-to-hand combat
  • Some sections overly detailed
  • Not a linear novel
  • May not appeal to non-history enthusiasts
  • Could have explored Alexander's emotions more
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